Complete Annealing in Plymouth, MI

Complete Annealing Heat Treatment in Plymouth, MI | RMT Woodworth - annealingImprove Your Metal Parts with Complete Annealing Heat Treatment

Annealing is a heat treatment process that reduces residual stress, makes materials easier to process with CNC machines and homogenizes grain structures, thus dissipating alloy segregation. When anneal heat treating a material, we soften it through the removal of crystal defects - the source of the stress. Then we nucleate and grow strain-free grains in the unit.

During the annealing process, professionals send a metal part through heating, temperature maintenance, and cooling stages.

First, our operators will heat metal beyond the upper critical temperature, causing rapid structural conversion to austenite. Then, the material is held in a constant temperature for a specific time allotment producing a homogenous structure. Finally, the steel cools in a forced state below critical temperatures (around 600 to 700 degrees centigrade). By the end of the process, we have low carbon and alloy steels ready for further machining.

We use annealing in the following processes: bending, castings, forgings, forming, hydroforming, machining, shaping, and stamping.

Some of the Benefits of Steel Annealing with RMT Include:

  • Softened steel
  • Enhanced and improved machinability
  • Increased ductility
  • Enhanced toughness
  • Improved homogeneity
  • Refined grain size
  • Steel prepared for future heat treatment

Complete Annealing from the Professionals at RMT

Here at RMT Woodworth Heat Treating, we have high standards for quality reflected in our auto industry and public health certifications in IATF, CQI-9, and NSF. Over the past 50 years, we have built our family-owned business by providing top-quality service with quick turnaround times. Whether doing batch high-volume or individualized projects, we treat each task with the attention it deserves.

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The RMT Woodworth Difference

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  • Fast turnaround & high volume capabilities
  • Stringent quality standards
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