Isothermal Annealing

Isothermal Annealing Heat Treatment in Plymouth, MI

Isothermal Annealing Heat Treatment in Plymouth, MI | RMT Woodworth - heat-treat-worker-working-in-a-labIsothermal Annealing Heat Treatment to Improve Your Metal Units

Isothermal annealing is a heat treatment process similar to complete annealing with similar output, including creating pieces with reduced residual stress, improved machinability, and homogenized grain structures. The difference comes in the timing - isothermal annealing is a much quicker process with an easier to control change. 

During the process, technicians heat the metal above the upper critical A3 and ACM temperature for steel and above the A1 for cast iron and hold the part(s) for the specified time. The parts are then cooled to a specified temperature and held again for a specified time. The typical temperatures for this process are: Heat to between 1600 - 1700F and hold, then cool to between 1000 - 1300F and hold again for a specified time frame.

Note: Isothermal annealing is not suitable for the following: large batch furnace materials and large section steel parts.  This process is not right for these two cases due to difficulty achieving isothermal temperatures in the internal or batchwork pieces. 

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