Shot Blast (Batch)

Shot Blast Batch Cleaning in Plymouth, MI

Shot Blast Batch Cleaning in Plymouth, MI | RMT Woodworth - 217Thorough Shot Blast Cleaning for Your Minimally Machined Units

After products are removed from forging, their surfaces are often rough and unpolished. Shot blast cleaning is an effective way to remove heat treatment scale, oxides, and other debris from the newly casted unit. Cleaning with shot blasting not only smoothens the surface of a product, but it prepares the material further for coating or painting. If you have steel or alloy pieces in need of shot blast cleaning, the expert team at RMT has you covered.

Although there are many forms of shot blasting, we specialize in steel shot blast cleaning. Our method makes use of steel shot abrasives as the cleaning agent.

This blast cleaning does not remove any part of the original material, but rather, focuses on removing the scale or debris left on the unit’s surface. With shot blast cleaning, both the type of steel used, and the control of the media are not as rigid as other forms of blast cleaning. As a result, the process reduces stress to the product, ultimately protecting it for a longer lifespan.

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We are skilled at removing imperfections such as oxidation and scaling, that can occur as a result of heat treatment. Shot blast cleaning is an efficient way to remove surface oxidation, so any future treatment to a product will be much quicker with fewer issues. We also provide rust protection for items that will be used in humid conditions.

Here at RMT Woodworth Heat Treating, we have seen all aspects of the heat treating industry. In this time, we have taken steel and alloy parts through the various heat treatment processes delivering high-quality work with quick turnaround times. Our ability to manage specialized treatment options even for high-volume orders is a point of pride for us. We set quality goals for our services that meet and exceed the auto industry and public health standards noted by IATF, CQI-9, and NSF certifications.

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