Shift Leader

Scope & Purpose: The purpose of this document is to give the subject employee a comprehensive listing of the duties and responsibilities associated with the Shift Leader position. This document establishes the level of education, experience, and training required to carryout the assignments required for this position.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. The complete adherence to RMT Woodworth’s established quality policy and objectives.
  2. To follow and enforce the company’s Employee Handbook.
  3. To follow instructions set forth by the Plant Manager, and assisting in the development of production scheduling.
  4. Supervision over Furnace Operators and General Labors.    
    To administer all functions set forth in the Quality System Procedures Manual that pertain to his/her level of responsibility, including but not limited to:
    • Carburize/Quench & Temper Process Control for Holcroft and Pifco Procedure (QP108)
    • Receiving Inspection & Identification of Incoming Product (QW108)
    • Process Control (QW109)
    • Nonconforming Products (QP126)
    • Customer Concerns (QW112)
    • Statistical Techniques (QW121)
    • Corrective and Preventive Action (QP127)
  5. The capabilities to understand, utilize, and train in the following Work Instructions referenced in the Quality System Work Instructions Manual. These include but not limited to:
    • Bringing Holcroft Down with Work in Holcroft (QW152)
    • Despatch Furnace Start-Up/Shut Down and Operation (QW153)
    • Running City Water through the Water Chiller Cooling System (QW155)
    • Instructions for Lighting the Holcroft Hardening Furnace (QW156)
    • Holcroft Hardening Furnace Shut Down Procedure QW(157)
    • Introducing Endothermic Gas into the Holcroft Hardening Furnace (QW158)
    • Instructions for Lighting the Holcroft Draw Furnace (QW160)
    • Holcroft Draw Furnace Shut Down Procedure (QW161)
    • Endothermic Generator Shut Down (QW162)
    • Endothermic Generator Light-Up (QW163)
    • Indentron Hardness Testers (QW168)
    • Brinell Hardness Testers/Brinell Scope (QW169)
    • Transferring of Bins (QW170)
    • Instructions for Soluble Oil Concentration Testing (QW175)
    • Filling Quench Oil Make-Up Tank on Holcroft Furnace (QW183)
    • Tray Tracking (QW187)
    • Measuring Total Case Depth (QW188)
    • Leco C-200 Carbon Analyzer (QW200)
    • Grinding and Polishing (QW208)
    • Pifco Draw Light-Up Instructions (QW211)
    • Pifco Draw Furnace Shut Down Instructions (QW212)
    • Pifco In-Line Wash Operating System (QW213)
    • Pifco Hardener Start-Up Operations (QW214)
    • Pifco Water Chiller Start up/Shut Down (QW218)
    • Pifco Quench Start-Up/Shut Down (QW219)
    • Pifco Hardening Furnace Shut Down (QW221)
    • Introducing and Shut Off Exothermic Gas Into Pifco Furnace (QW222)
    • Introducing Endothermic Gas with Work in the Pifco Furnace (QW223)
    • Introducing Endo Gas Atmosphere into Pifco Empty Furnace (QW224)
    • Introducing and Shutting Off Nitrogen Into Pifco Furnace (QW226)

Position/Title: Shift Leader

Experience: One year minimum

Education: High School Education or Equivalent

Training: Minimum of one year on the job training

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